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Your Implant Journey and how to become a successful implant surgeon.

Are you a dentist who is unable to place implants because you are overwhelmed and just don't know where to begin? Are you a dentist who wants to help more of your patients, but just cannot find a mentor or support and guidance to start your implant journey?

Would you like to introduce dental implants into your practice and learn the essential skills, the science, secrets, systems, strategies and techniques for confidently placing implants safely, wisely and medico-legally?

With my four-part master class, you can increase your scope of practice with one-to-one mentorship. Meaning you can plan, place, and restore implants easily and predictably, help more people, work fewer hours and be more successful whilst growing your practice. The course also outlines the potential legal pitfalls of implant dentistry, when starting out as a beginner, with easy to follow templates and blueprints.

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What will you learn on the webinars

Register your interest today in our breakthrough Four-Part Masterclass for Introducing Dental Implants into your Practice.

A step by step four part webinar workshop series with solid foundations to make you stand out and to level up your career in 30 days, delivering:

  • Masterclass webinars with free CPD
  • Covering the nuts and bolts of predictable techniques you can apply immediately.
  • You will be able to assess, examine and treatment plan patients for dental implants using foolproof templates straight away
  • You will have a complete grasp of the basics, including clinical implant principles and rules, planning and software through to delivery and restoration of implants
  • The course will give you a takeaway kit to start your implant career immediately.
  • Participants will have access to Dr Bobby Chhoker and his clinic and will have the opportunity to visit the surgery and gain clinical experience at no extra cost
  • A lifetime membership to the Bobby Chhoker Education Institute and invite-only Facebook support group as well as treatment planning for all of your patients and complete mentorship
  • One to one clinical assistance
  • Assistance with complex and advanced cases as well as complications and case-management
  • Use of cutting-edge equipment and software at the Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinic including CBCT, Digital scanning, 3D printing and the fabrication of implant guides
  • Access to all preferential rates by association with Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinic, staff members for application of systems as well as company representatives
  • Special deals to the Bobby Chhoker Education Institute Bootcamp, Accredited Implant Certification, Diploma and Masters Degree

What you will learn:

  • Medical history assessment and identifying which cases not to treat and which cases to refer
  • Examination specific for implant placement with classification guides
  • Implant related clinical assessment and measurements with templates and check list
  • Treatment planning and applying the basic principles of implant dentistry
  • Soft tissue, bone quantity and quality classifications and relevance
  • Occlusion checklist and application
  • Assessment of simple, advanced and complicated cases
  • SAC classification
  • Digital planning for manufacture of implant guides
  • Placement of implants and drilling sequences
  • Modification of drilling sequences for different bone types
  • Principles of restoration of implants from the single unit to the short space
  • Management of complications
Bobby Team
About Dr. Bobby Chhoker

I'm Dr Bobby Chhoker and I've been placing Implants for almost 25 years. I have a Masters Degree in Implant dentistry and have thoroughly enjoyed teaching Implant dentistry for over 15 years. I currently teach the postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Masters Degree in Implant dentistry developed by myself and Professor Stewart Harding here in Australia. Back when I started I was failing to increase my scope of practice in implant dentistry and was completely frustrated. I tried all the short courses but they were often too complicated and did not offer any form of long term support. Then suddenly I came across the answer! What made the difference to my journey was that I was lucky enough to find the support and guidance of a mentor, and with the help of that mentorship I created a model that worked time and time again, not only making my practice precise and predictable but also exciting again and future proofing my career. I took all the failures, experiences, tips and secrets and created a plan, a pathway that logically and predictably planned out my success, it made me different and the dentist to go to! I realised that a good course with templates and fundamentals as well as mentorship allowed my students to start placing safely almost straight away, they then expanded on these skills in a set out programme to treat more and more complicated cases.

Dentist Testimonials

Dr Robert Ayar

"It really changed my practice... Implementing the more high-level dentistry for implants made a huge impact on the patients and the practice, so i highly recommend dentists to go into that journey."

Five Star
Dr Peter Wu

"As a new graduate i feel it's very important to find someone i can really trust when you first start your journey. Bobby has the background and knowledge and he offer great support. His courses have the academic and hands-on components, plus they are scientifically based evidence. For me the most important thing is the one-to-one mentorship Bobby offers, I also know I'ii have him as a support for the rest of my life in my implant journey."

Five Star
Ban Ayar (Practice Manager)

"The course has helped us offer more implants for our patients; and has given us more confidence in offering implants to patients. Even the way we present implant cases to patients has been different. It's just been more comfortable, providing implants."

Five Star
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The Clinical Experience

Dr Bobby Chhoker would like to extend a special invitation to general dentists to visit his Cosmetic Dental Practice in Bondi Junction, to observe live implant cases. This is to give dentists the opportunity to have a one-on-one mentorship session with Dr Bobby Chhoker, absolutely free-of-charge. This Clinical Experience is open to all dentists who have a genuine interest in learning to place implants, ranging from those who are total beginners to those who have been placing implants for many years. Places are limited. Register your interest by sending us an email to education@drbobbychhoker.com.au

The Clinical Experience
The Clinical Experience
The Clinical Experience

Participants will have access to Dr Bobby Chhoker and his clinic and will have the opportunity to visit the surgery and gain clinical experience at no extra cost.

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