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Dentist in Rose Bay, NSW 2029

For the best dentist in Rose Bay, look no further than Dr Bobby Chhoker; a highly qualified dental surgeon with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Offering a range of services, from general dentistry to cosmetic procedures, single implants to Full mouth implants. Whatever your requirements, Dr Bobby Chhoker has a solution.

We pride ourselves on providing a personalised service that focuses on ascertaining patient needs and generating detailed treatment plans that outline exactly how these will be achieved, taking into consideration the patient's personal goals, budgets and time constraints.

Benefits of Regular Dental Visits To A Quality Dentist in Rose Bay

Having a good level of oral hygiene is essential to maintaining strong teeth and healthy gums. Regular dental check-ups can help to achieve this because they can identify and combat issues at an early stage before they worsen. This allows for the prevention of unwanted difficulties such as bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay and the build-up of plaque.

Visiting a dentist every 6 months is recommended. On the surface, this can seem pricey but in the long run, it can save expensive treatments further down the line. Detecting issues early often enables a quick and easy resolution. Leaving these issues to develop could turn into more severe difficulties such as tooth breakdown or loss and these can be much more costly to restore.

Dr Bobby Chhoker The Premier Rose Bay Dentist

We put the patient and their expectations at the centre of our focus. During our initial consultation, we gain a full understanding of their current condition as well as what they want to achieve, their overall budget, how quickly they want results and what may be holding them back. This enables us to come up with unique treatment plans where we outline the exact steps that we would take including time taken and costs at each stage.

Once we have generated the most appropriate treatment plan for our patients, we talk in detail about what each stage entails to ensure they are fully informed and have a complete understanding of the actions we will take. We find that this helps our customers to have a better level of confidence in their decisions and to form realistic expectations for the end outcome.

During every procedure, there is no stone left unturned. One of our main treatments is the scale and polish; not only do we provide an in-depth clean, but we also conduct evaluations of your bite, take x-rays (if required), screen for oral cancer and more. We care about our patients and want them to leave our surgery confident, happy, fully informed and with an ongoing treatment plan that works for them.

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For a bright, healthy and confident smile, choose Dr Bobby Chhoker to be your dentist in Rose Bay. Dr Chhoker also offers the most painless Full mouth implants Sydney has to offer, as well we are the most affordable cosmetic dental care in Sydney. If you can not make it to our dentist in Rose Bay we have a dental practice as well as a practice in Woollahra. Begin your journey by booking a consultation. Call us on 02 8070 9010, email bc@dr.bobbychhoker.com or request an appointment online today.



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