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Get your Hollywood Smile with Dr Bobby Chokker

Affordable Dental Care For Everyone

Our aim has always been to give our clients the Hollywood Smile they've always dreamed of and to make our dental services financially accessible to more and more people. Our treatments have given thousands of people the opportunity to get treatment at an affordable price. We have an exclusive range of porcelain veneers that makes it possible for anyone to gain a beautiful smile within weeks.

  • A permanent white smile
  • Closing gaps
  • Teeth widening and lengthening
  • Correcting small teeth
  • Restoring cracked teeth
  • Re-aligning crooked teeth
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Get the Celebrity Smile You've Always Wanted

The Hollywood Smile is a ground-breaking cosmetic dentistry procedure that is changing how people view their smiles. It takes a comprehensive approach to fixing all types of aesthetic problems related to the smile, such as crooked teeth, chips, discolouration, and misalignments. Using natural-looking dental veneers, which resist staining and won't chip easily, the goal is to restore your perfect smile for years to come. With the Hollywood Smile procedure, people can count on vibrant teeth that look and feel healthy for a lifetime.

Over 30 years experience
Over 30 years
10,000 + implants
10,000 +
500 + Full mouth implants procedures
500 + Full mouth implants
11,000 + cosmetic cases
11,000 + cosmetic

The Hollywood Smile - Immediate and Natural-Looking Results

Transform your smile in minutes, not years!

With a Hollywood Smile, the results of your treatment will be immediate and natural-looking, allowing you to notice a drastic transformation. From the perfectly aligned teeth, to the sparkling white glow that will sparkle when you smile; everything about your new look will be flawless and beautiful.

Not only does your Hollywood Smile provide long-lasting great looking results, but by taking proper care of your mouth and brushing regularly it can also last up to a decade or even up to fifteen years! And with this fantastic outcome, it's clear that achieving the perfect smile with a Hollywood Smile is an attainable goal in no time!

Full Case

How Does it Work?

Hollywood Smile's individually crafted veneers are bonded over existing teeth to create a new and improved smile. Since every veneer case is unique, we will assess your smile and provide you with treatment options specific to your individual needs.

A thorough dental examination and smile analysis will determine if Hollywood Smile is suitable for creating your dream smile.

We will take impressions (moulds) of your teeth, to be sent to the Hollywood Smile laboratory where your porcelain venners will be crafted by skilled dental ceramists.

  • Designed in 3D for the perfect fit for each patient
  • Durable and ultra-thin porcelain veneers


  • Dr. Bobby Chhoker
  • Dr. Bobby Chhoker
  • Dr. Bobby Chhoker
  • Dr. Bobby Chhoker
  • Dr. Bobby Chhoker
  • Dr. Bobby Chhoker
  • Dr. Bobby Chhoker
  • Dr. Bobby Chhoker
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