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LOOKING FOR A DENTIST APPOINTMENT IN WOOLLAHRA? If you can not book a convinient day that works for you call DR. BOBBY CHOKKER located in Bondi Junction.

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Dentist in Woollahra

Are you looking for a dentist in Woollahra? Introducing Dr Bobby Chhoker; with multiple degrees and over 20 years of experience in the industry, there are few dentists who compare.

We offer a personalised service and are passionate about putting patients in the driving seat to achieve their dental dreams. Not only do we provide general dentistry such as check-ups, scale and polishes and fillings but we also undertake more cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, braces and aesthetic veneers.

The Unparalleled Service You Recieve From Our Woollahra Dentists

Upon consultation, we ascertain an abundance of information such as the patient's wants, needs, budget, time preferences and any fears or reservations that they have and provide unique, detailed treatment plans which outline how we will achieve patient goals and meet their expectations. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service rather than 20 minute 'in and out' appointments like some of our competitors.

Our Woollahra Dentist Offers a Variety of Services

In current society and the world of digital media, a good physical appearance has become much more sought after. As a result of this treatments have developed to become more aesthetically pleasing and the popularity of cosmetic dentistry is increasing.

At Dr Bobby Chhoker, there are a variety of services that are offered. Most importantly, we provide general dentistry to achieve and maintain a good standard of oral hygiene and strong, healthy teeth. Regular check-ups ensure early detection of any issues such as gum disease, tooth decay and in some cases oral cancer. Detecting these at an early stage usually has a quick and easy resolution, preventing ongoing, costly treatments. We conduct in-depth checks giving patients confidence that they are fully knowledgeable about the condition of their teeth, gums and mouth.

We also offer cosmetic procedures. These include teeth whitening, braces and aesthetic veneers – to name a few. These processes have become increasingly popular over recent years to help achieve that perfect smile. The re-alignment of crooked teeth, closure of any gaps, brightening of the surface and the replacement of amalgam fillings with composite can all increase a patient's confidence and self-esteem.

Our variety of implant options are also available for those who have lost teeth or have bone breakdown. Not only do we offer individual implants but also the more permanent 'Full mouth implants' – the latter being a newer approach for whom regular implants don't suffice.

We care about understanding patient goals and turning those into a reality. Having a smile that is healthy and filled with confidence can change a person's life and we are here every step of the way.

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We like to ensure patients are fully informed and have a complete understanding at each and every stage of their treatment. From the initial consultation, we educate patients in detail about each process, the reasons why we do it, what the process entails, what results will look like and so on. We believe this helps customers to relax and assures their confidence in Dr Chhoker and the company. Dr Bobby Chhoker also offers the most painless Full mouth implants Sydney has to offer, as well we are the most affordable cosmetic dentist Sydney wide. If you can not make it to our dentist in Rose Bay we have a dentist in Bondi Junction as well as a dentist in Waverley.

Book your consultation today by requesting an appointment online, calling us on 02 8070 9010 or emailing bc@dr.bobbychhoker.com.



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