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This Disclaimer includes some of our general Terms and Conditions and should be read entirely before relying on any information provided in any way.

Our Terms and Conditions may change from time to time without notice.



The content within any of Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinics websites, advertisements, videos or any other published material should not be regarded as dental or medical advice and must be regarded as preliminary and for general information purposes only. Any such advice may only be provided in a face-to-face consultation following a comprehensive examination and diagnostic procedures by appropriate professionals.

All information provided in any form by our staff and representatives, or displayed in our advertisements, including (without limitation) references to procedures, results of treatment, timing of treatment and estimates of costs, is non-specific and always subject to a comprehensive oral examination by a dentist, a diagnostic work-up, radiographic examination, and assessment by a medical practitioner as may be required, and at an associated cost and timeframe. Treatment options, risks and results will vary from patient to patient.

The information should not be regarded as comprehensive. Liability by the Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinics or its agents, directors, employees or any other related party is explicitly denied if you rely on any of the information contained herewith.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of information, and deny liability for any consequences as a result of the use of the information provided. Responsibility is also denied for any errors or omissions.

Any stated or implied warranties or guarantees are always those provided by third parties to Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinics, NOT directly to the patient, and are subject to terms and conditions by the third parties, which may change from time to time. Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinics does not underwrite their performance in any way, and the third parties have no obligation to the patient in any way.

Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinics or its directors, employees or agents provide no warranties or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warrantee of performance, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.



Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinics or its directors, employees or agents explicitly deny all liability to any person or entity for any decision made or action taken in reliance on the information contained in any of its websites or related web pages.

Liability is also denied for any consequential, special or other damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damage.

If any section, subsection or statement of this disclaimer is considered, or at any time in the future becomes regarded as being in contravention of New South Wales or National Law, then only the specific section or statement should be stricken and the remaining Disclaimer with Terms & Conditions shall remain valid, indemnifying Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinics in all other respects.



Links to other websites are provided as a courtesy only and Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinics makes no representations as to the accuracy and electronic safety of the links or any information that they may contain.



Any references as to the impact of cosmetic dentistry or implant dentistry on the life, comfort or beauty of a patient or their dentition are opinions that may have been based on the experience of some or most patients. Such references should not be generalised or considered literally as being accurate representations or predictions of your own, your partners, or other patients' opinions following similar treatment.

Any references to the terms 'Implantologist', 'Implant Surgeon', 'Implant Dentist', 'Cosmetic Dentist', or references to exclusivity or specialisation in Cosmetic, Implant or Reconstructive Dentistry, stated or implied, are descriptive of types of services offered by general dentists who have had post graduate training or special interest in a specific area, or they may be indicative of dentist's main area of practice. Such references are not indicative of any type of registration in these areas, in particular there is no licensable specialty in Australia that is dedicated to Dental Implants.

Reference to 'Computer Guided Dental Implants', 'Full Mouth Implants′ or any kind of a specific treatment modality: These procedures may not be suitable for all patients and are subject to selection criteria. Additional or alternative treatments may be indicated for certain patients. All diagnostic measures to assess a patient's suitability, or preliminary treatment, are always at an additional cost to what may have been stated for any specific treatment.

Reference to 'Teeth in an Hour', 'Immediate Teeth', 'Teeth in 1-3 Days' or similar:

These procedures or what might be implied by those statements may NOT apply for all patients. Not all patients who are suitable for the Computer Guided Dental Implants surgical procedure or the Full Mouth Implants procedure will also be suitable for immediate teeth to be fitted at the same time as the surgery. Additionally, patients who are planned for immediate teeth cannot be guaranteed that these will, in fact, be fitted within the indicated timeframe.

Where the replacement teeth are inserted at the same time as the implant surgery, the diet should be amended to softer non-challenging foods for 12 weeks.



It should be noted and accepted that following implant treatment the function is likely to be improved with resultant improvements in muscle tone. Immediate replacement teeth, such as with the "Full Mouth Implants" or "Full Mouth Implants Plus" procedures, are constructed from a strong high-impact acrylic or a composite material that facilitates the immediacy of the process. Whilst these restorations may last in some patients for up to 5-8 years before needing replacement, patients are often encouraged, especially those who grind their teeth or have a heavy bite, to upgrade to a more durable and longer-lasting restoration within the first 1-3 years.

Restorative upgrades cannot be done at onset as production time for Titanium or Zirconia substructures is not conducive to an immediate process, and it must be verified that the dental implants have successfully integrated after a period of 4-6 months before considering the upgrade.

Restorative upgrades or replacements are offered at substantially discounted rates subject to the following conditions:

The discounted rates as published from time to time are valid for 3 years from the date of issue of the treatment plan.

The discounted rates are only valid for patients who have undergone implant surgery with immediate full set replacement at Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinics. Patients who received the initial implant treatment elsewhere will be subject to our standard rates.

In certain cases patients may elect to pre-pay for an upgrade in order to receive an additional discount. Where a 'PRE-PAID' option is exercised, 30% of the fees for the upgrade are required on the day of surgery. The upgrade will typically take place after 4-12 months from the surgery and upon confirmation of osseo-integration of the implants. As the pre-paid offer involves additional preparatory work by the laboratory at the time of construction of your immediate implant bridge, where the upgrade option is cancelled for any reason, the refund will only be partial to the value of 50% of the deposit, less any fees incurred in the process. Otherwise, the balance for the upgrade is payable 7 days prior to the insertion of the new teeth in the future.


Reference to 'Sedation & Sleep Dentistry':

Sedation or General Anaesthetic may not be suitable or available for all patients who request it. Suitability is subject to a health assessment by the visiting anaesthetist who administers the anaesthetic.

There are separate risks associated with the administration of IV Sedation or General Anaesthetic and there is often a limited availability of sessions. There may also be tests required prior to the procedure. As such, in certain patients there may be some delay in providing the necessary dental treatment under IV sedation or General Anaesthetic to improve overall safety. This may impact on a patient's general or dental health and in this regard other anaesthetic options may be explored.



Any fees or costs of dental treatment displayed in any website or web page of Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinics or its affiliates are indicative only. Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinics and its affiliates reserve the right to change fees at any time and without notice, and do not guarantee the accuracy of any published fees at the time of attendance.

An appropriate itemised treatment plan and quotation often requires certain preliminary or diagnostic procedures that are at a cost that is additional to the cost of the consultation. In certain cases it may also require a team approach and consultation with certain other practitioners. As such it may not be possible in certain cases to provide an itemised treatment plan and quotation on the very first appointment, unless the patient has traveled from afar, under which circumstances every effort will be made to accommodate this.

Any dental treatment is subject to full payment on the day of treatment or consultation. A deposit or pre-payment is required for sleep dentistry, sedation and general anaesthetic procedures, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and comprehensive/complex treatment plans, or as otherwise indicated.

Anaesthetic procedures are subject to additional fees, only a proportion of which may be claimed through Medicare. There is also a Facility Fee for the theatre use which cannot be claimed from Medicare or health fund.

Health Fund, Medicare Rebates or Tax Offsets are not guaranteed by Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinics and should be confirmed with the relevant fund, Medicare Australia, tax agent or the ATO.

Any finance options or payment plans are subject to a credit check and approval by this clinic and/or other third parties.

Responsibility for all outstanding fees remains with the patient or legal guardian at all times. Liability for any legal, administration or collection costs also lies with the patient.

Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinics reserves the right to charge penalty interest for defaults or delays in payments, unless special arrangements have been agreed to in advance.

Deposits are partly or fully refundable or transferable where no costs have been incurred and sufficient notice for cancellation is given. Any time loss or other costs that have resulted from a cancellation may be deducted from the refund.

Failure to attend an appointment will result in a 'Broken Appointment Fee' charged at an hourly rate and is due within 7 days. Liability for any legal, administration or collection costs lies with the patient.

Where discounts or special offers have been extended, these may not be combined, are non-cumulative and replace any other offers/discounts or are excluded by them.



Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinics' and 'Full Mouth Implants Plus' are registered trademarks and their use by any other person or entity is strictly prohibited unless authorised in writing.

Centre for Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry reserves certain rights in respect of the 'Full Mouth Implants' trademark currently registered by Nobel Biocare, which may include the right of prosecution for the inappropriate use or marketing of 'Full Mouth Implants' by others.

The content and references in this website, apart from adapted contents, is the property of Dr Bobby Chhoker Clinics, including but not limited to all intellectual property rights in the underlying HTML, text, images, logos, and other material.

Acknowledgements: some of the contents of this site have been adopted with permission from 'Nobel Biocare' and 'Henry Schein Halas'.



We advise that all cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and other dental or surgical procedures contain various risks to the teeth and/or jaws and can also affect the general health or day-to-day activities. Furthermore, procedural complications may arise that may vary the course of treatment resulting in altered timeframe and affecting the overall cost of treatment.

Not all procedures are suitable for all patients and results do vary from patient to patient.

The consent documents below are attachments to this document and their content forms part of this disclaimer in our efforts to provide a comprehensive disclosure:



Any further questions should be directed by e-mail to bookings@drbobbychhoker.com.au

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