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Missing out on life because of your bad teeth or bad dentures? Bite into an apple with confidence. Hi, I'm Dr Bobby Chhoker, general cosmetic and implant dentist based here in Bondi Junction, in Sydney. There are several problems with dentures. Firstly, the stigma of wearing a denture and most people don't want to be seen without their denture not even at night when they must take them out. Quite often they're ill-fitting and they cause embarrassment but most importantly because they cover large parts of your mouth with plastic. You don't have texture, you don't have proper taste. There's no heat sensation so you're not enjoying food anymore.

So why do people wear dentures?

They wear dentures because they're missing teeth, maybe due to failed root canal treatments or heavily broken or decayed teeth. Quite often people have gum disease and the gum disease can eat bone. The bone is holding the tooth in, and so they lose the tooth.

The typical replacement for lost teeth are dentures. However, dentures have many problems and are no longer the gold standard they were many years ago.

So what's the solution to missing teeth?

Well, the gold standard now is the dental implant or Jaw on 4 (Jaw on 4) dental implants. Did you know you can have an entire jaw of teeth on just four implants?

I have extensive experience in implants. I'm now placing into my third decade and have placed over 10,000 implants. Many patients are told they don't have sufficient bone or are not a good candidate for implants, but this is rarely true!

Did you know you can use superannuation to help you fund your implant treatment? I am authorized to sign off early release of superannuation. So don't be afraid of coming in. Don't let cost be the issue. Come and have a chat with us, there are many ways we can help you finance your treatment so that it works for you.

So don't accept defeat, book yourself in for our free consultation (T's&C's apply) where we can sit down with you diagnose you and present you with a solution that works for you.

Jaw on 4 Dental Implants in Bondi Junction

Jaw on 4 surgery is a revolutionary procedure that allows for patients to, once again, have a fixed and permanent smile and never have to worry about ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures.

The procedure is advanced and allows for a full bridge of teeth to be supported by just four implants! The surgery takes around 3 – 5 hours and you will have your new teeth fitted within 24 hours.

Who can have the procedure?

The procedure is best suited to people that have loose or ill-fitting dentures. The procedure is also suited to those with gum disease or who have 'Terminal Dentition', which means you have broken, decayed or heavily restored teeth. It is possible to have a combination of these conditions.

If loose or missing teeth are impacting your life, affecting your confidence or making it difficult to eat then this surgery could help to improve your quality of life.

Same Day Teeth (Jaw-on-4)

If your dentures are becoming uncomfortable and tiring, we have a fast, efficient and comfortable solution that will give you a second chance at the feeling of a mouth full of stable, permanent teeth.

Jaw on 4 is a revolutionary and highly advanced new method that allows a full mouth of new teeth to rest on only four implants.

Here's what it involves:
  1. State-of-the-art technologies such as CT scanners are used to plot the location of just four implants in your jaw (four implants placed in the same jaw).
  2. These implants form a sturdy base for a permanent full arch bridge to be secured on top of.
  3. The bridge will then be permanent. They look and function just like natural teeth.
  4. You walk out within 24 hours with a beautiful, natural, functional smile!

At our practice, we understand the impact a smile can have. We would never send you out without a complete smile. That's why, usually, we will fit you with a temporary bridge (which looks identical to your natural teeth and functions just as well) before we add your permanent bridge three months later.

We also offer sedation options for nervous patients. Dentistry doesn't have to be frightening. With modern sedatives, many patients will hardly know they've been in surgery.

How does it work?

A scan is taken of your mouth after the surgery and sent to the lab so that they can create your bridge. Within a day, we will have the bridge back from the lab and we will be able to fit your brand new teeth. Three months after the surgery, one the implants have fused to your bone, you will come back to the clinic so that we can prepare to have your final bridge made. This is the bridge that should last you a lifetime with proper care and regular check ups.

Benefits of Same Day Teeth
  • Your smile can enhance your confidence and appearance.
  • Eat your choice of foods without any restrictions.
  • Get fully-functioning, new teeth in a short space of time
  • Get a long-lasting smile
  • Eliminate health issues associated with failing teeth
  • Easily care for your teeth
How much does it cost?

Surgery prices are solely dependent on each individual case. Whilst we know that Jaw on 4 can be expensive, did you know that in many cases you can use your super to pay for treatment!

How do I maintain my Jaw on 4?

Maintaining your Jaw on 4 dental implants Bondi Junction, Sydney is as simple as maintaining real teeth. You need to ensure that you are brushing well and with a good technique. You also need to ensure that you have regular check ups with your dentist so that the bridges can be cleaned and kept in their best condition.

Jaw on 4 dental implants Sydney

It is imperative that if you are looking for Jaw on 4 dental implants in Sydney that you choose the best surgeon for you. The procedure is advanced and you need to ensure that you are in capable hands. Dr. Bobby Chhoker has over 23 years of experience and has performed hundreds of Jaw on 4 surgeries. Dr. Bobby Chhoker is there for you during every step of the journey.

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