The most common problem I hear when our clients visit us is that they’ve been told that they don’t have enough bone for dental implants, that there’s no hope for their teeth and that the only solution they have at this stage is to wear a denture.

Well, do not despair, there’s a solution for your teeth and it can be done faster than you think! There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and the most important is to have a clear diagnosis practiced by a trained and experienced clinician.

My expertise is based in over 23 years in dental implants. I have a Masters Degree in Implant Dentistry and I also teach, so I am an educator on Dental Implants for International Companies.

So, as mentioned above, the next step is to have a proper diagnosis that is going to define your treatment. Based on the diagnosis, we can make a precise treatment plan that will get you a desired result.

We’re offering a limited number of FREE CONSULTATIONS (T’s&C’s apply) during the month, so you can get a 30 minute conversation with us to guide you on what’s the best solution for your mouth! You also get a 3D X-ray for free that will give us a proper diagnosis to make a proper treatment plan.


Will you need a financial plan to cover your dental treatment? That’s not a problem, at Dr. Bobby Chhoker clinic we have different payment plans adjusted to suit everyone’s needs. Find more information here.

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