Sometimes for many different reasons we procrastinate in doing things that we could have done before. We are all humans, it is alright to acknowledge it, but it is important to take action. Let me see if I am right here, but isn’t it one of these times for many people the dreaded moment of booking a dental checkup? 

Hands up if you have procrastinated your visit to the dentist for weeks, months or even years. It is ok, you are not the only one! But, what’s the most expected outcome at this stage? Well, in most of the cases during my more than 23 years of experience, we find out that at this stage there’s a major issue that needs to be treated with urgency. Given the facts, costs associated with the treatment are higher than what the patient expected.

What’s the solution? At Dr. Bobby Chhoker, we like to think that we’re really competitive by having an extremely high standard of quality and care with our clients. As an educator I am, I have different levels of partnering with industry companies to be able to beat market prices. Hence why, we can offer the best quality treatments at competitive prices, making them affordable to every pocket. 

We also offer different payment plans that allow us to split your cost and spread it out over a longer period of time to make it more accessible for you. 

Last but not least and very important, I am authorised to sign off Superannuation. You can have the possibility of an earlier access to your Super to cover your dental treatment.

More information about SuperCare, here.

Next steps: Don’t procrastinate any further thinking about the costs, as you can see we can help out and give numerous possibilities to make it easier, accessible and affordable for you.

We’re also offering a limited number of FREE CONSULTATIONS (T’s&C’s apply) during the month, so you can get a 30 minute conversation with us to guide you on what’s the best solution for your mouth! You also get a 3D X-ray for free that will give us a proper diagnosis to make a proper treatment plan. 


Will you need a financial plan to cover your dental treatment? That’s not a problem, at Dr. Bobby Chhoker clinic we have different payment plans adjusted to suit everyone’s needs. Find more information here.

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