Myths about porcelain veneers debunked

Dr. Bobby Chhoker

Have you heard that porcelain laminates can thin your teeth? Or have you heard that having them fitted is uncomfortable?

At Dr Bobby Chhoker, our team knows all that there is to know about porcelain veneers Bondi Junction and how to use them to help you reach your desired aesthetic goals.

Below, our team at Dr Bobby Chhoker dispels some of the most common myths that we hear about porcelain veneers Bondi Junction.

Myth 1- Laminates look fake

Porcelain veneers Bondi Junction are not designed to look fake.

We can offer you your choice of shade, shape and translucency when you come to our team at Dr Bobby Chhoker. In most cases, patients will want their laminates to slightly whiten their teeth, which is easily achievable. But we will always aim to match your aesthetic goals which will ensure a natural-looking result.

Myth 2- They are purely cosmetic

Yes, laminates have made a name for themselves as a cosmetically versatile treatment.

However, they can also be used in restorative treatments. For instance, if you have sensitive teeth which have been deemed to be caused by exposure of microscopic holes in the dentine, then having a laminate placed over the top of these holes can prevent further sensitivity.

Also, laminates can be used to support weakened teeth after procedures such as crowns or root canals.

Myth 3- You have to file down your teeth

Technically, this isn’t a myth but it isn’t as dramatic as it sounds.

To ensure that your laminates adhere properly, we will need to create a rough surface, which does not occur with healthy teeth. So, to achieve this, our team will gently sand the front of each tooth that is due to have the laminate placed, to create this surface. Once we have, we will then place some dental cement to work as glue.

Should your laminates fall off at any point in the future, your teeth will not be damaged by the fitting procedure.

Myth 4- They are uncomfortable when they are fitted

There is nothing uncomfortable about having porcelain laminates fitted.

Firstly, our team may take either a mould of your teeth or may use a 3D scanner to get a clear image of the teeth that will have the laminates placed on them.

After they have been created in a laboratory (4-8 weeks), we will then be able to affix them to your teeth. This involves a gentle sanding of the front of the teeth and the application of dental cement. Then we simply place the laminate on top and that is it! They have been fitted and are good to go!

Myth 5- They require a lot of maintenance

Compared to many other cosmetic dental procedures, laminates are relatively simple to maintain and care for.

They require no more specialised care than regular teeth, so all you have to do is clean them twice a day, attend dental check-ups and floss to keep them looking glossy and striking for up to 15 years!

But it is worth remembering that certain lifestyle choices can shorten their longevity. If you smoke, this can cause the gums to swell up and may heighten the chances of gum disease, which in turn, will cause the laminates to fall off.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.