Suffering from bleeding gums is very painful, but you are not alone! In today’s episode, we are going to go through what are the causes that produce bleeding in your gums, how to prevent that and if you already have that problem, how you can treat it. 

Did you know that dental plaque is a byproduct resulting from bacteria created in your mouth and the sugars you eat?

When you build up plaque in your mouth that creates an inflammation in the gums that leads to bleeding. 

Did you know that this bleeding is called gingivitis? At this stage you can erase the plaque from your teeth with a good toothbrush technique. Please, have a look at one of my last episodes on home dental routine, where I explain how to brush your teeth correctly.

Did you know that if you leave plaque in your mouth for too long it calcifies creating tartar? If you don’t treat that as soon as possible, the tartar starts to eat away the bone, and this is irreversible causing major problems like moving teeth due to lack of bone. 

Did you know that you can prevent gum disease, tooth decay or breaks by having a routine check up and clean every 6 months?

Prevention is always more cost effective than cure! If you think you have gum disease, bad breath or tasting, you probably need a check up. We are here to help you with no judgement! 


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