You might realise you’ve been putting your hand over your mouth when you are in public, you are self-conscious, maybe embarrassed because you’re not happy with your smile, but it’s now time to change it. Your teeth are too small, they are crooked, there is too much space between them. Whatever the reason might be, the truth is that you are not happy with it and you’ve been putting it off because you’ve gone to different specialists or you thought it was very costly. But, I have good news for you: At Dr. Bobby Chhoker we have two affordable solutions for you.

The first solution would be to straighten your teeth with Clear Braces aka Invisalign or Clear Correct. You can also whiten them after, so you get a glamorous white smile.

The second solution would be a Veneers treatment, made with porcelain or composite resin. They stuck in front of your tooth permanently.  You can choose size, color and shape, giving you an absolute Hollywood smile too.

When you come in at our clinic, we take some photographs and take a digital scan of your face and the teeth. We then place these in a software that allows us to get the right teeth for your face, so they look natural and perfect. The advantage here is that you actually can see the results you are going to get before having the treatment done. After they’ve been fitted we follow up with a maintenance program, the same procedure you’d do when you go for a regular check up and clean every 6 months. 

We are offering a free online consultation to make it easier for you. Do you need a financial plan? That’s not a problem, at Dr Bobby Chhoker clinic we have different payment plans adjusted to suit everyone’s needs. Find more information here.


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