Dental implants: the procedure broken down

Dr. Bobby Chhoker

When you are an adult who has missing teeth, it is likely that you have spent more than a few hours online looking for a viable solution. Not only to the aesthetic issue of having a gap in your teeth, but also to restore the functionality of your mouth, which is hindered when you have a missing tooth or teeth

It is likely that you have come across oral implants. These popular and nifty restoratives solve both the aesthetic issue whilst also allowing you to bite into and chew food without concerns about the restorative moving

At Dr Bobby Chhoker’s practice, we are always happy to discuss dental implants Bondi Junction with our patients. We will provide you with a straightforward guide as to when they are suitable, how they are fitted, alongside aftercare instructions for this treatment.

In the following brief guide, we will talk you through what is involved with having dental implants Bondi Junction fitted, so you can decide if this is a treatment you want to undergo.

The consultation

When you approach our team relating to dental implants Bondi Junction, we will first invite you to a consultation. This will allow us to look at the general health of your mouth and to check for signs of gum disease or tooth decay, both of which will need to be treated before you undertake oral implants. We will also take X-rays of your jaw to ascertain if it is healthy and thick enough to support implants. If we find that there are complications, we will likely suggest a different restorative such as a fitted bridge or dentures. If we give you the green light for implants, we will book you in for the procedure.


The fitting of oral implants is not as intimidating as it sounds . We numb the area where we are going to fit the implant, make some precise incisions, peel the gun back and then drill a hole into the jaw, assuming that there is not a vacant socket. Once the implant is fitted, we sew the gum around the implant to help secure it in place and the procedure is done. Depending on how many implants are required, we will spread the fittings over several weeks.

Aftercare: next 14 days

Once at home, you will need to manage discomfort. We suggest that you take paracetamol; do not use ibuprofen or aspirin, as these can thin the blood and worsen bruising. You will also need to keep the implant site free from debris. We do not recommend using a toothbrush as this can worsen information; rather rinse the site with saltwater.


You will need to see our team multiple times over the coming months to allow us to explore if the implants are fusing correctly. Please keep these appointments, as they can mean the difference between a successful implant fitting and a failed implant.


Once the implants have fused to your jaw, in around 3 to 6 months, our team will fit the prosthetics. These will be colour and shape matched to any surrounding natural teeth that you have. If you want the full Hollywood look and are having dentures fitted, you can leave our surgery with a gleaming smile.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.