What is Snaggletooth and How Can it Be Fixed?

Dr. Bobby Chhoker

A snaggle tooth refers to a tooth that protrudes or is misaligned, often deviating from the normal dental arch. Over time, the cultural and aesthetic significance of snaggle teeth has varied across different societies, with some seeing it as an imperfection and others embracing it as a beauty trait.

The Science Behind Snaggle Teeth

The formation of teeth is a complex process, influenced by genetics, diet, and external factors. Teeth structure and issues, such as snaggle teeth, can be traced back to evolutionary changes and an imbalance between diet and dental growth. Furthermore, modern diets lead to narrower faces and certain dental problems are linked to nutrient deficiencies, challenging the purely genetic causes of dental issues.

Historical and Cultural Perspectives

Throughout history, the perception of snaggle teeth has varied. For example, in Japan, a form of snaggle tooth known as “yaeba” is seen as attractive. However, in other cultures, straight teeth are often associated with beauty standards. Interestingly, historical evidence suggests that ancestors like cavemen didn’t need braces, as malocclusion was less prevalent in ancestral societies compared to modern ones. Changes in jaw size due to cultural and industrial evolution led to more dental issues over time.

Health Implications

While some might consider snaggle teeth as merely a cosmetic concern, they can sometimes impact dental health. It can lead to gum problems, misalignment of other teeth, and even bite issues. Misaligned teeth can also contribute to TMJ pain.

Corrective Measures and Cosmetic Solutions

There are various corrective procedures for snaggle teeth, ranging from traditional braces to cosmetic dentistry. A notable option today is clear aligners, which offer a less invasive solution for single-tooth issues like snaggle teeth. Companies like Invisalign offer clear aligners, which involve gentle teeth movement over several months, providing an effective fix for snaggle teeth without the prominent visibility of traditional braces. However, for more severe bite issues or cases with multiple missing teeth, other treatments might be more suitable.

Embracing the Unique

While some choose to correct their snaggle teeth, others embrace it as a defining feature. It’s a testament to the beauty of individuality and how personal imperfections can sometimes become the most celebrated traits. The broader societal perspective has been gradually shifting towards embracing and celebrating imperfections, seeing them as markers of unique identity rather than flaws.


Whether one chooses to correct, embrace, or simply accept their snaggle tooth, it’s essential to be informed and make a decision that aligns with one’s personal and health preferences. The aesthetic appeal of a snaggle tooth varies across cultures, but the choice to keep or correct it remains deeply personal.

For those in Australia, particularly around Bondi Junction, seeking professional dental advice or considering cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Bobby Chhoker is a recommended contact. We also encourage our readers to share their personal snaggle tooth stories or photos!