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Cosmetic Dentist Bondi Junction

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear’, but what do you do when you don’t feel confident in your smile? The Bobby Chhoker clinic is a cosmetic dentist in Bondi Junction offering a range of cosmetic dentistry which can help restore your confidence in your smile. We also offer payment plans to ensure that our treatment options remain affordable for everyone. We believe everyone should be able to afford the smile they deserve.

What Can A Cosmetic Dentist in Bondi Junction Do For You?

A common cause of feeling self-conscious about your smile is the colour of your teeth. Yellowing teeth can be caused by so many things, improper brushing, plaque build-up, nicotine and caffeine staining, or simply genetics. You can try to improve the colour of your teeth at home using special kinds of toothpaste, but nothing is more effective than professional advice. The Bobby Chhoker clinic can offer professional whitening treatments for both at-home use and in-clinic whitening.

Crooked or misaligned teeth are also a common cause of discomfort when it comes to the perfect smile. As well as being a cosmetic concern, misaligned teeth can often be difficult to brush properly and keep clean especially where two teeth overlap. This can cause gum disease and bad breath which is a further reason that people feel the need to hide their smiles. Braces are a common fix for crooked teeth but don’t worry, you don’t have to resort to the type of braces dreaded by schoolchildren everywhere. We can offer you clear braces so your teeth can be straightened out discreetly. Braces do take time to take effect, but the results are permanent.


Other Cosmetic Options Your Bondi Junction Dentist Can Recommend

For gaps between your teeth that can’t be fixed by braces, for example, those small gaps that appear at the bottom of your teeth near the gum line, we can offer veneers. Veneers can also be used to disguise premature ‘ageing’ of your teeth, often characterised by your teeth wearing down. Veneers can help restore your smile by making your teeth a uniform size, colour, and shape. They are a long-term treatment option which can be applied to a single tooth or your whole mouth.

People also feel self-conscious about gaps in their smile where teeth have been removed due to decay or have been knocked out. Dental implants can fill a gap in your smile and, like veneers, are a permanent option which can be applied to just a single tooth space, or the whole mouth. An implant is anchored to your jaw bone meaning it will never move, unlike dentures, and acts exactly as your natural tooth would do.


Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry in Bondi Junction

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in Bondi Junction then the Bobby Chhoker clinic can help you. Dr Chhoker also offers the most reliable emergency dentist Sydney has to offer, as well as the most affordable cosmetic dentist Sydney wide.

We offer free initial consultations to understand your needs and suggest the best treatment solutions for you and we also offer payment plans for your treatments. We believe that everybody deserves to have a beautiful smile and cost should not be a barrier. Give us a call on 02 807 9010 to discuss your options.



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