You don’t remember the last time you’ve been to the dentist? We don’t blame you, we all have hectic lives. The faster we go, the faster the time flies away. And then you are now wondering, when was the last time I had a check up? Let me guess, at least from 6 months to 1 year. It’s ok, but know that if you are experiencing bad breath, bad taste in your mouth, bleeding teeth or even one or various teeth are wobbly, then you need to go to see the dentist ASAP. 

The reason why is that you have gum disease. It is created because after eating food, bacteria metabolisms in our mouth, ending up with plaque in our teeth. Plaque can calcify into tartar or calculus, and this needs to be removed by a specialist. If it’s not removed, then it causes bleeding gums, bad taste and bad smell in your mouth. If you think you had it for a while but it looked like the symptoms have disappeared, know that it’s still there! The problem now is that it’s gone down to your bone. This is the reason why you might have now one or various wobbly teeth. 

The solution is clear, teeth that are moving or wobbly need to come out! If you haven’t visited your dentist recently, it’s time to book an appointment. Your gum disease might be just removed in a single visit. But if you have wobbly teeth, you should book your appointment as soon as possible, so we can diagnose the gum disease and get any teeth affected to replace.

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